welding and anticorrosive inspection of steel structures

We provide a full range of inspection services.
From basic activities as choosing right materials, welding technology, testing of welded joints, expertising the sand-blasted surface area or selecting paint systems, through supervision of all protective anticorrosive coatings.

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The company's mission FINNSERWIS is to provide comprehensive, professional and reliable solutions for businesses and individuals who demand the highest quality of offered services. We are pleased with the fact, that completed projects increased the manufacturing productivity and the quality of the products for our Clients.

Welding inspection is one of the highly demanding field requiring certified personnel. There are many major fabrication & erection projects and construction
Technical consulting

We conduct technical inspection of construction conditions for the examined surface and welded connections. Our employees will advise you what technology of surface preparation to adopt and what optimum system for corrosion protection needs to be chosen. We are also consulting with performing repairs according to the current regulations in a cooperation with the manufacturers of paints, varnishes, dopes.

The Welding Institute (TWI) has been associated with the Certification Scheme for Welding and Inspection Personnel (CSWIP)
Welding inspection

Experience, right skillset of employees or quality systems adopted by the company can not guarantee the achievement of the required level of quality! That is why an important role during the manufacturing process or assembly weldments plays an honest, independent, impartial inspection of welding carried out by experienced and properly trained personnel. Choose the specialists in this area - FINNSERWIS.

FROSIO NACE COFREND inspectors carry out international missions according to technical specifications. Our expertise, experience and technical
NDT Testing

We carry out non-destructive testing (NDT) for the equipment and metal structures - radiographic, ultrasonic, penetrant, magnetic particle, visual testing, measurement of wall thickness, hardness, corrosion defects and exfoliation sheets, measuring ovalization and thinning, the study of the chemical composition, metallographic replicas, measurement of delta ferrite content.

While conducting offshore inspections, our technicians routinely discover imitations of I-Rod that have broken or crushed, leaving pipes dangerously unprotected POLAND

We conduct the supervision of all phases of painting (adjusting painting pumps, surface preparation, humidity measurements, roughness, temperature, dew point, application methods, layer thickness, drying times) to the final stage (pull-off tests, grip, full process documentation). Our technical staff prides itself on having the appropriate anticorrosion and IBDiM certificates.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) for equipment and metal structures is one way to assess the state of the object and a method which does not affect the ability of strength and operational structures studied. During the examination, sample is not damaged in any way. We use visual testing methods (VT), ultrasound testing (UT), magnetic particle testing (MT) and penetration testing (PT). We offer our clients high quality of services, safe, timely and reliable.

Destructive testing (DT) is a method, during which the tested material samples are destroyed. The testing material is carefully prepared, cut and processed in such a way that met the requirements of all standards. Destructive testing allows you to check the performance of the welded joints and the quality of used steel product, verification of the qualification levels of people who were conducting the welding in the construction joints, help in answering the question of how the welding defects are created during manufacturing process.

We perform welding repairs of bridges, viaducts, none typical steel structures and equipment with the selection of right repair technology and complete process documentation. We also design systems for corrosion protection of steel structures, as well as the execution and supervision over the proper process of painting the surface.



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Precission and punctuality

The scope of any work we do for our clients is carefully scheduled and agreed. Our employees make every effort in order to best understand the key issues for the customer, and then determine the procedure. Constant communication and control provides implementation of services in accordance with customer expectations and meeting all quality standards. Best practices for work planning, verification of its implementation and regular communication with the client provides predictability of effects and minimize the occurrence of adverse events.

Years of experience and knowledge

Constantly we want to improve both our services and ourselves. For this reason, we make sure that our employees regularly raise their competencies. Obtained certificates in many projects and important training sessions, allows us to provide customer service at the highest level . We specialize in many areas of activity, which are made from the beginning to the end in a honest and professional way . We offer our customers with outstanding services tailored to their needs and business activity.

Choose the best professionals in the industry

A satisfied customer for us is the most important one . Over the years, we have achieved success, which we measure based on the actual effectiveness. At the same time we not rest on our laurels. We also remember to constantly improve our skills.

Nondestructive testing or Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a wide group of analysis techniques used in science and technology industry to evaluate theElement nondestructive testing services are designed to comply with government contracts, military specifications, industry standards, and your requirements; .

Projected cost services

We never charge our customers with costs for services that were not previously agreed. But sometimes there are unexpected situations, factors that could materially affect the cost and timeliness of the work . In such a case, we verify the initial determination of the terms of cooperation, and agree to take further corrective actions.



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