Non-Destructive testing

Even the most precisely made welded joint must be thoroughly checked. Of course you should do this
in ways that would not violate the stability of the structure or the way it looks. FINNSERWIS
uses verified and reliable methods of non-destructive testing.

FINNSERWIS POLAND has been at the forefront of the research, development and application of many advanced and conventional non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies

Visual testing VT

Visual testing (VT) is the most important method of non-destructive testing NDT. It is considered to be a basic research method of NDT, which in its scope covers 100% of the object or crafted article. The method involves a visual check with the unaided eye or with the use of optical instruments if on the surface of the object there are discontinuities or imperfections such as surface cracks, flooding boundary, beam spread, lack of fusion, etc. After selecting such places we measure their characteristic dimensions. The main requirements of properly conducted visual inspection are: certified qualifications and good eyesight of examiner, sufficient light intensity and ability to interpret indications.

Case Studies in Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation publishes short communications on novel research applications in all fields of Nondestructive

Ultrasonic testing UT

Traditional Ultrasonic inspection uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and perform measurements. Considerable information may be gathered during ultrasonic testing such as the presence of discontinuities, material or coating thickness. The detection and location of discontinuities is enabled by the interpretation of ultrasonic wave reflections generated by a transducer. These waves are introduced into a material and travel in a straight line and at a constant speed until they encounter a surface. The surface interface causes some of the wave energy to be reflected and the rest of it to be transmitted. The amount of reflected vs. transmitted energy is detected and provides information on the size of the reflector, & therefore the discontinuity encountered. It is used to discover any flaws (cracks, inclusions, porosity, delaminations etc.), erosion/corrosion thickness gauging, assessment of bond integrity, estimation of grain size in metals, estimation of void content in composites and plastics.

Nondestructive testing - NDT - use test methods to examine an object, material or system without impairing its future usefulness. Non-destructive testing is often

Magnetic particle testing MT

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) also sometimes called as Magnetic Test (MT) is a non-destructive test method for the detection of surface and sub-surface discontinuities in ferrous materials. fatigue-crack-in-a-shaft-magpartThe test method involves application of magnetic field externally or applying electric current through the material which in turn produces magnetic flux in the material. Simultaneously, visible ferrous particles on sprinkled or sprayed on the test surface. The presence of a surface or near surface discontinuities in the material causes distortion in the magnetic flux which in turn causes leakage of the magnetic fields at the discontinuity. The magnetic particles are attracted by the surface field in the area of the discontinuity and adhere to the edges of the discontinuity appearing the shape of the discontinuity.

was set up to develop working groups to provide answers to NDT problems in Europe and to establish a European-wide system of personnel

Penetration testing PT

Penetrant testing can be used on all solid materials. The method can be used to identify e.g. surface cracks, overlaps or pores in one step. In this course, the individual procedural steps and inspection, measuring and test equipment systems will be discussed. System and procedural checks will be dealt with at depth. Bodies of standards such as EN ISO 3452-1 corresponding to the various industrial sectors and also lists of flaws and evaluation criteria will be presented.

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