Quality Management Systems PN-EN ISO 9001

Implementation and audits of ISO standards

Quality requirements for welding Resistance welding of metallic materials

The quality management system is part of the management organization focused on providing the best quality of products manufactured or offered services. The principles of the system are defined in the ISO 9001 Quality Management-System - Requirements. Polish Committee for Standardization, has adopted this standard as BS EN ISO 9001: 2009, so it has become the national standard.

The implementation of the management system, you can make yourself. However, to benefit from our help pays more, because we will do it faster, better and cheaper (taking into account the costs of separation of workers from work and the stress and nerves). We implement ISO 9001 in various companies, as well as in health care. All customers who have benefited from our offer positively passed the certification audit and received ISO certification. We have not received a single complaint for our services, and customers asked about the reviews say, the value our flexible approach to life and implemented systems.

If you are an investor and you are not sure whether the supplier of welding services provides his job at the appropriate level, please contact us.