Quality systems in Welding

Implementation of quality requirements regarding welding of metallic materials

Welding imperfections in various locations, such as structures, pressure vessels or engines can at worst cause significant destruction to people

FINNSERWIS specializes in implementing organizations in the PN-EN ISO 3834: 2007 - these are mainly quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials - and prepare companies for certification audit process. Series of standards PN-EN ISO 3834: 2007 are intended for organizations that use in the manufacture of welding processes.

Welding processes are commonly used in the manufacture of many products. In some companies they represent basic manufacturing process. Products can range from simple to complex. Examples are pressure vessels, home furnishings and agriculture equipment, cranes, bridges, transport vehicles and other products. Specification of quality requirements for welding processes is important because the quality of these processes can not be easily verified. Therefore, they are treated as special processes. Quality can not be tested in the product but should be with him created. Even a complete and highly developed non-destructive testing does not improve product quality.

Historical overview

In 2005, Technical Committee ISO / TC44 has established a series of standards ISO 3834: 2005 (four sheets 1,2,3,4,5), which adopted the CEN CENELEC (CEN) as European standards EN ISO 3834: 2005 , resulted in the withdrawal of a series of standards EN 729 . In 2006, they were issued as Polish standards BS EN 3834: 2006 using discretionary. In comparison to the previous edition (EN 729), the new standard introduced section, which shows the relationship between the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000 , and the requirements of ISO 3834: 2006 . The new standard has been maintained the division of the requirements for a quality management system in welding for a full, standard and basic. In addition, a sheet ISO 3834-5: 2006 , which specifies the documents necessary for the application in order to demonstrate compliance with the ISO 3834-2, ISO 3834-3 and ISO 3834-4: 200 7.

Benefits of the quality system

The implementation and certification of the quality assurance system in welding according to standard PN-EN ISO 3834: 2007 provides the following benefits:

  • confirmation of competence in the production of welded products
  • to facilitate compliance with the requirements contained in the Pressure Directive 97/23 / EC
  • provide oversight and efficiency of the welding process,
  • improve the quality of products and welded.
A great convenience for the implementation of the standard PN-EN ISO 3834: 200 7 is to have a quality assurance system ISO 9001 .
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