Steelwork supervision

We perform steelwork supervision, inspection over investment both at the stage of fabrication
and during the installation of the steel structure. We coordinate, perform welding and corrosion processes.



from the start



of steel structures


Quality systems

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and trainings

Comprehensive supervision over the investment

At the clients request we review the project / contract in accordance with PN-EN ISO 3834 - Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials. We supervise the execution of the welding work according to PN-EN ISO 14731 - Monitoring of welding processes - tasks and responsibilities within the remit of the International Welding Engineer IWE. We develop technological instructions Welding WPS in accordance with PN-EN ISO 15,609th prepare and supervise the work on the qualification of welding technology WPQR in accordance with PN-EN ISO 15610, ISO 15611, ISO 15612, ISO 15613, PN-EN ISO 15614 and according to other guidelines, eg. the German DVS 1702. We cooperate with the competent laboratories and certification bodies, having the accreditation and notification. We deal with technical consultations (selection of welding methods and equipment, tooling, welding consumables, etc.). We offer assistance in conducting arrangements and / or negotiations with foreign contractors.

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We provide a full range of supervision and inspection. From the basics like the selection of paint systems, through the supervision of all phases of painting (adjusting painting pump, surface preparation, humidity measurements, roughness, temperature, dew point, the application method, layer thickness, drying times) to the stage of final tests (pull-off adhesion, plus full documentation). Our technical staff prides itself on having the appropriate certificates FROSIO and IBDiM. We offer welding supervision and training of painting (NORSOK) conducted by qualified instructors.

For the implementation of supervision in your company we have experienced and properly trained personnel meeting the requirements of ISO 14731. Our staff has international diplomas of engineering - International Welding Engineer (IWI).

Because possessed by our staff competence level 2 and level 3 according to EN 473 and ISO 9712, we can offer you not only conducting examination but also the supervision of ongoing research, implementation research methods in your company, and ultimately the development of testing procedures for your organization .

As part of the welding inspection check the level of quality of its design, the correctness of their execution, compliance with project / order, established technologies and broad expertise contractor, and the proper functioning of the organization adopted in quality systems.

- Control of of order completion by checking the occupancy material,
- Control of the stage production,
- For inspection and as-built documentation prepared in terms of its compliance with the requirements of the customer and presented a plan Production Quality Control,
- NDT inspection of performed construction
- Control of corrosion protection work,
- Control of shipping finished parts.

assembly of pre-fabricated structural steelwork, prior to its assembly and erection on ... expected to work to instructions, with a minimum of supervision, taking
Technical consultancy

We perform inspection of the technical condition of construction of both the surface and the welded connections. We advise how what technology of surface preparation to adopt, we select the optimum system for anticorrosion protection or repair in accordance with current regulations in cooperation with the manufacturers of paints, varnishes.

Expansion Control Supervision POLAND
Welding inspection

Experience, expertise of staff or quality systems adopted by the company can not guarantee the achievement of the required level of quality! That is why an important role during the manufacture or assembly weldment plays an honest, independent, impartial inspection of welding carried out by experienced and properly trained personnel welding. Select FINNSERWIS specialists.

Civil Structural Steelwork
Non-destructive Testing NDT

We carry out non-destructive testing NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) of equipment and steel structures - radiographic, ultrasonic, penetrant, magnetic particle, visual testing, measurement of wall thickness, hardness, corrosion defects and exfoliation sheets, measuring ovalization and thinning, the study of the chemical composition, replicas metallographic, measurement of delta ferrite content.

Welding supervision; Project meetings; Expediting

We supervise all phases of painting (adjustable pump painting, surface preparation, humidity measurements, roughness, temperature, dew point, the application method, layer thickness, drying times) to the final stage (pull-off tests, grip, plus full documentation). Our technical staff prides itself on having the appropriate certificates painting and IBDiM.

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Over the years, we have completed dozens of projects at different sites, providing our customers highest quality of services and short lead time.

If you are an investor and you are not sure whether the supplier of welding services provides his job at the appropriate level, please contact us.