Technical consulting

Testing and technical consulting. We design methods of procedures and processes
of welding with all technical documentation needed.


FINNSERWIS offers services in engineering works, technical acceptance, Quality Supervision as well as supervision over the course and the timeliness of the production processes. Our offer is addressed to both investors and surveillance firms, or classification units supervising a given construction. We are a team of experienced engineers with many specializations including International Engineers, Inspectors of welding (IWE, IWI-C) and corrosion protection inspectors.

comprehensive welding consulting from design, selection of the welding processes, preparation of welding procedure specifications and their
Welding Consultants provides expert, quality services for all types of industries not limited to oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, and nuclear.
Development of welding technology;

Development and implementation of welding technology consists of choosing the appropriate welding materials, development of welding procedure specification WPS, embodiment of the welded joint, submission of made joint in non-destructive and destructive tests according to applicable standards and exposure protocol WPQR with the approval of the test of notified body - for example TÜV.

industrial Welding. Absolute Welding & Consulting, LLC ... As a full service industrial welding company, our experienced pipe fitters, pipe welders, tank builders
The development of test procedures, investigation plans, pWPS, WPS, WPQR and preparing the interpretation of the standards / regulations;

Creating procedures for non-destructive testing (radiographic, ultrasonic, penetrant, magnetic particle, visual testing, measurement of wall thickness, hardness, corrosion defects and exfoliation sheets, measuring ovalization and thinning, the study of the chemical composition, metallographic replicas, measurement of delta ferrite content). Destructive testing (testing for tensile, bending and breaking of materials and welded joints, hardness measurement, metallographic examination, impact) qualification of welding by. PN-EN ISO 15614 (collectively with WPQR), testing connectors on trial for examination by welders. PN-EN ISO 9606, EN 287,the possibility of technical supervision performed by the customer non-destructive testing (personal certificates Grade 3).

Welding Consulting. Quality requirements from clients and regulatory frameworks make it necessary to analyze/create technical documentation in order
Supervision of Offshore structures;

Due to increased requirements in documenting the quality related to the most demanding projects. To meet the demands, it was necessary to implement quality systems ISO 3834 and EN 1090 Factory Production Control, hire engineers for the documentation and control of the welding process.

Company level training for Welding personnel; Verification and implementation of quality processes
Consultancy in the field of welding expertise EWE, IWE;

With specialized knowledge, rich experience, range of tools and highly qualified specialists, we offer professional non-destructive testing and technical consulting for different types of customers and industries. We are engaged in consultations in the field of design and manufacturability to determine the permissible defectiveness.

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Over the years, we have completed dozens of projects at different sites, providing our customers highest quality of services and short lead time.

If you are an investor and you are not sure whether the supplier of welding services provides his job at the appropriate level, please contact us.